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About Me

My last name is pronounced shi-LAD-ee (roughly rhymes with beef patty). I love puns, cacti, eating out, and good punctuation in text messages. I'm a lifelong Latter-day Saint, I'm gay, and now I'm a full time therapist.

And because everyone asks for it, here's a professional bio:

Ben Schilaty works as a clinical social worker and is an adjunct professor at BYU in Provo, UT. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese from his time living abroad in Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, and Portugal. He writes a blog about his experiences as a gay Latter-day Saint at He also cohosts a podcast “Questions from the Closet” with his friend Charlie Bird. Ben is a lifelong member of the Church and served as a missionary in Chihuahua, Mexico from 2003-2005. He currently serves as a High Councilor in his stake.

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