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Fun Merit Badges

This is what hanging out with fun Laura is like.  On Saturday we decided to get dinner together and I said we should get Vietnamese food "to put the pho in fun Laura."  The pho we got was delicious.  As we were walking across campus after dinner we started singing a duet from Frozen as we are wont to do.  There could have been people around and being caught singing by freshmen might have been mildly embarrassing.  We stopped singing and fun Laura pointed to a large black spot and said, "Is that a person?  Oh, it's just a big rock.  Okay, we can keep singing."  Like I said, she's way fun.

Fun Laura is older than me and I often make fun of her for not being a real adult or having an adult job.  We often have conversations like this:

Me: You should come with us tonight!  It only costs $6.

Fun Laura: Six bucks!  Do you realize how long it takes me to make that much money!?  Like 45 minutes.

Me: You only make $8 an hour?  I haven't been paid that little since 2005.

FL: I make $10 an hour, thank you very much. 

Me: Then you are not very good at math. 

Fun Laura was shocked when she learned that I'm a Mormon male and not an Eagle Scout, especially when I told her that I don't even have a single merit badge.  She decided to make up some merit badges for me the do which I was very excited about.  I've already finished my first two: the 30 Rock merit badge and the Sonoran Hot Dog merit badge.  To complete the Sonoran Hot Dog merit badge I had to eat at three different venues and write a review on my blog.  So here it is: The best Sonoran hot dog I've had in Tucson was at a taco truck at an abandoned gas station on Golf Links and Pantano.  However, since that is on the other side of town I would recommend the hot dogs at El Guero Canelo out of convenience.  In my opinion, the hot dog buns at BK Tacos are more delicious than the buns at El Guero Canelo.  However, BK Tacos is a sit down restaurant which makes the Sonoran hot dogs there slightly more expensive.  The best bang for your buck is El Guero Canel where the hot dogs are fast, inexpensive, and pretty delicious.  Also, the tables there are painted like Mexican flags.  

I'm only two steps away from getting the Being Tall merit badge.  I just have to help two more short people grab things from high places.  

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