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Institute Devotional

Today I spoke at the Tucson LDS Institute about my experiences as a gay Mormon.  A number of people who weren't able to attend asked me to record my remarks so I did (with the Institute's permission).  I only recorded the audio and the recording device was in my shirt pocket so there are some rustling noises from time to time.  Also, there were some questions at the end of the talk that are a little hard to hear and I apologize for the poor audio quality.

YouTube wouldn't allow me to upload just audio so I had to upload a picture as well.  I chose a picture of me in Tucson because the people here in this corner of Zion have been absolutely wonderful.  I love this place because of the people here (and all the saguaros, too).  I stopped the recording after my talk, but I wish I had kept it on because Brother Bauer had some really nice, supportive things to say.  He's one of the many great people that I know here.  I'm so glad that he trusted me enough to ask me to speak.

And finally, at the beginning of the talk I reference my favorite hymn, but don't say what it is.  It's "Because I Have Been Given Much."

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