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Since May 11th

My life has been a little crazy since May 11th.  On Saturday, May 11th I flew from Tucson to Miami.  I then flew from Miami to Peru for 10 days (which was awesome!) and then back to Miami for a few days in the Florida Keys.  I then flew to Seattle for two weeks followed by a flight to Tucson.  I was in Tucson for three days, ate some delicious food at Kevin's parents' house, decided to give up flying for the rest of summer, and drove my car to Utah where I met up with my brother Jessen and sister-in-law Laura.  I left my car in Salt Lake at a friend's house (thanks, Jordan) and drove with my brother's family to visit my sister-in-law's family in Iowa.  In Iowa I borrowed my sister-in-law's dad's car and drove to Illinois to visit Craig and Heidi Johnson.  I then drove back to Iowa and then back to Utah where I got my car, hung out with a ton of awesome people and then drove to Washington on July 2nd.  According to Google Maps this is what I did. 

Here are some stats from my trip:

Since May 11th I've been living out of a duffle bag and a backpack.  I'm getting a little tired of living out of a suitcase so I brought my drawers with me from Arizona (the kind of drawers you put stuff in, not the kind you wear under your clothes, although I brought those, too). 

Since May 11th I've been to 10 states and Peru. 

Since May 11th I've slept in 19 different beds including a couch, my old bed in Utah, and two nights spent in my brother's minivan. 

Since May 11th I've driven 4,375 miles (according to Google Maps).

Since May 11th I've gone to church in nine different wards on nine different Sundays, but have only worn three different ties.  Since May 11th I've bought my first pair of sunglasses.  

Since May 11th I went snorkeling and kayaking for the first time.  I didn't care for snorkeling and I loved kayaking.  

Since May 11th I have recreated one famous painting. 

I'm starting to think that I should have been a rock star because I don't really mind constantly being on the move.  Life has been a blast since May 11th, but it's nice to know that I'll be staying with my parents for the next six weeks and I can finally unpack my duffle bag.  

Here are some photos that I've taken since May 11th.  

The Schilatys have a lot of fun on our trips.  

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